The Chesapeake Guppy Club (CGC)
is an International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) sanctioned club.
We are a Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania based organization
for those interested in guppies.
Whether ones interest lies in top quality show guppies
and competing across the nation in IFGA sanctioned shows
or just a few tanks full of local fish store fancy guppies,
there is room for everyone to learn and to teach.
If you have an interest in guppies, the Chesapeake Guppy Club is for you!

Chesapeake Guppy Club

The Premier Fancy Show Guppy Club on the East Coast

You do not have to live within the tri-state area (MD,VA,PA)
to belong to the CGC.
You don’t even have to have guppies.
All you need is a good attitude
and a desire to spend some time around folks
who love fancy guppies!

New Members

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